Julieta is Sara's alter-ego.
Sara is 34 years old and a deep fond love for her hometown, Lisbon-Portugal, where she lived until she was 31. 
in January 2016, after several years struggling in survival mode in a system that didn't protect her, both she and her loving husband, Paulo, sold all of their belongings and moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Sara likes yarn and all things fiber: especially crochet [her first love, passed on from her grandmother] and weaving [an also ancient love, since the days her grandfather built her small wooden looms]. she would also like to knit better but, unfortunately, she is very bad at it.

Sara is Julieta, writing about what she feels and what she believes in. 
it's Julieta making warm blankets and bear-ear benies. making woven wall hangings to make walls prettier and necklaces matching all outfits. 
who loves tiles covering her hometown walls and sheep smelling wool. 

is that what makes you happy, Sara?
precisely, Julieta. 
justamente, Julieta.

we write, we criticise, we take pictures, we sing songs and poems to sheep wool. we make tapestries, small crochet pieces and we even take orders. 

Julieta is also at https://www.instagram.com/insta_julieta/instagramfacebook and pinterest. 

images © Bárbara Araújo