some changes around here

some changes around here

[it is time for some news.]

precisely one year ago we decided to change our lives, me and him. 
struggling in survival-mode for too long, after big and deep conversations, pros and cons lists and trembling hearts, we decided to move abroad and try our luck somewhere we have long admired before, somewhere we felt good at: Amsterdam.
we came to be happier, to live a fuller life, closer to the one we think we deserve, to unroll the knot we felt around our necks every month. 
therefore, it only makes sense to be here, away from our families and friends, far from our country, if we feel it's worth it. and unfortunately, that was not happening for me at my previous job here. it was very important to have it when we arrived and I am thankful for that but, as I was feeling both my mental and physical health starting to suffer from my disappointment, after more long and deep conversations, pros and cons lists, tremblig hearts and with with the utmost support from my husband, we decided I should quit my job and start dedicating myself totally to Julieta for a while. 

so, on December 4th I'll be at the Sunday Market at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam and untill then my hands are fully occupied producing as much as I can to take with me. 

I know I still have a long road ahead, and almost everyhting yet to learn, but now I need a moment all to myself, focusing on the things that really make me happier. 

what other place and moment would allow me this opportunity than right here and right now?