home sweet home

home sweet home

moving to another country has a lot of different dimensions. 
one of them being home. the house you live in - for the practical ones. 
the first 3 months we've lived in a temporary apartment and about 1 month ago, we've - finally - moved to a wonderful house in a dream-a-like neighborhood. lots of trees, green everywhere, low brick houses, making us remember the countryside in the middle of the city, where singing birds and playfull children making us company at the end of the day. 
it's just perfect. 
altough we have sold the majority of our Lisbon's apartment content, we've kept some valuable pieces like paintings, pictures [wihthout the frames!], books and some other small objects that we bring along every time we go to Lisbon or my parents visit. 
yesterday we bought some frames and you cannot imagine how good it feels to go back to our daily references.
besides the pictures of our loved ones, one thing we really-really like is to cover the walls with art pieces made by our dearest friends, like catarina sobral or rita canas mendes

it feels great to slowly build our space. 
because moving to another country ain't easy: but it helps a whole lot to live in a beautiful house.