almost 1 year now

almost 1 year now


[discloser: English is not my first language.]

it's 11 months today since I've arrived to the city that would change my life in the most unexpected ways. 
looking back I know I'm most definitely a different person since that day. can't tell you if better or worse but if each one of these months could speak for me, you would see how I'm right.
they say that changing countries after you're 30 is much harder but since I haven't done it before, I can't really have an opinion on that. therefore, I don't know if that's right.
certainly it must be hard being a student, facing the world all alone and having a crappy job to pay for the rent on a tiny shared flat with 7 more people you never met in your life.
I was 31, coming with my husband and with a house just for the two of us already waiting. 
but it was hard and I never made a secret of it.
it was hard getting used to the distance from all 'my people' and learning how to build a new relationship with them. it was hard imagining myself with a different role on these people's lives. but one can make it. and I made it. and everything's okay. we learn that the ones staying are the ones that truly matter and, in some ways, that's actually freeing.
but the biggest discovery of all was learning to look at everything from a new perspective.
and this - my, oh my! - it's definitely freeing. looking at things from a bigger distance allows us to have a more complete view of what we're seeing. and this my friends, is not self-made philosophy: it's pure physics. 
we start putting less weight on things because we knows there's only so much one can do. and we come to realize and learn another bunch of big things because we are free from the dome of what's expected of us. 
better yet, we can build everything from scratch.
there's no history, no record. anything can happen. 
you can be whomever you want to be, whomever you feel inside you really are. there are no explanations, no justifying your choices. it's the real clean slate. 
yes, it was hard.
but it was also the best decision we've ever made. 

because... [and the ones that have visited us know it's true] we're really great here, man.