6 months

6 months

[discloser: English is not my first language.]

6 whole months have gone by since we've landed in Amsterdam for the first time. it was January and a freezing cold welcomed us with quiet, peaceful, open arms. 
they say now this is 'summer' but I hardly believe Dutch know a lot about the issue. 

it's hard summing up in a few lines all that I've learnt, discovered, felt. but one must ease some hearts and admit that time is, indeed, a trustful friend and that our heart is capable of learning new rules and be quieter. 
and, since this is my home, I'm going to be as honest as possible: 
this first 3 months were painful. I've felt - tremendously - the distance from my love ones. I've fallen asleep crying sometimes and if the Mr. living with me had said 'let's go', I would've left in an instant, whitout even packing my bags. 
I wanted my city, the streets I know by heart, the warm hug of my friends, my parents house, my grumpy grandmother, I even missed the tantrums of my heart-daughter [for those only knowing it now, I am a stepmother].
but I decided to wait and give it more time: I know myself and I know I tend to resist changes. 
after these 3 months we've found the perfect apartment, in the most perfect neighborhood and that changed a lot inside me. finally, it was good to return home at the end of the day. 
slowly we have been meeting new people and building new relationships and that also helps a lot: there are dinners, night-outs, meetings. 

family and friends visit all the time and bring a little bit of Portugal along [quite literally: we have bacalhau, chouriço, olive oil, cheese and wine in the pantry].
days are bigger than ever - it darkens around 11pm! - and I have no doubts I'm pretty darn lucky to live in this amazing city, filled with parks, beautiful houses and silence. 
we aren't millionaires but finally we've managed to take the rope we had around our necks every month and that also helps us diminish the the distance between us and Lisbon. 
being an expat today is a whole lot easier than some decades ago: I talk every day with my parents and friends over the social media and skype. I already went twice to Lisbon and in 4 weeks I'll be there again. then again for a quick weekend in november and after that comes christmas holidays. 

fact is, change brings along growing, evolution and maturity. and I'm much better now than one year ago.
we've made the right decision.
everything is okay.