justamente, Julieta.
born to be ME.

born to be ME.

all my life I've struggled with the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" and whilst all my friends seemed to know exactly the answer for this, I just felt trapped: like choosing a career would forever define me.
more than that, I knew I felt happy doing different things: from theatre to teaching children, producing events, dancing, working at the airport, writing and, more recently, working with yarn, I've done so many things and still, to this day, I feel I can't choose one over the other as a favorite. 
in the Renaissance, this would've been much appreciated, I'm sure.
but we live in different times now and throughout the years society just made feel a bit useless, as I didn't have a 'proper' profession like being a lawyer, an architect, a doctor, a scientist.
I look around me and everybody seems to have it all figured out whereas me, already in my thirties, am still trying to find what I'm meant to be, what I'm supposed to do, where the hell I'm going. 
so I pause. and I reflect. and I get to the conclusion that this here, today, is exactly where I'm supposed to be at. there's nothing wrong with me.
and, if nothing else, having a wide range of interests just makes me more complete: I am the sum of all my choices and all my actions. 
funny enough, at this moment, the more I explore and unravel this 'maker' side of me, the more fulfilled I am. but I'm prepared to change it all again if needed be and I'm no longer afraid of what others might think of my decisions.
I will never compromise on something less than exactly what I deserve which is: to be ME at all times.