6 years old.

6 years old.

and, just like that, you are 6 years old. 

it's hard to believe that it was 6 years ago today that I received a tearful and life changing phone call from my brother. 
on that day, with you, a new family was also born: a new mother, a new father, new grandparents, new aunts and uncles. all of us brand new. 
I remember I was vacuum cleaning when the phone rang and that I left all the house cleaning halfway, for I could no longer stay home. I ran outside and went to my parents - your grandparents - and, together, we celebrated your arrival. just so you understand the level of excitement: I couldn't even sit, I just felt like jumping around the house.
later that afternoon, at the hospital, we took turns to your room to meet you for the first time. 
some people had already tried to explain to me what one feels when seeing our children for the first time, just after they are born. the overwhelming sensation of an overflowing heart. the in awe state for such a miracle. what no one told me was that an aunt's love would be very similar to that. 
you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I look at your pictures nowadays and, quite frankly, you seem just as pink and wrinkled as all the other babies but on that day, my world turned upside down. 
how was it possible to love this much a baby that hadn't been growing inside me and that I had bearly known?
to my eyes, you were just perfect.

it was there and at that precise moment that I knew life was too precious to waste on the things that don't make us happy. even more so, I felt I had the duty to be an example for you and show you we should always fight for ourselves, for what our heart tells us. 
you didn't know but, on that day, you've changed my life forever. 
I left the hospital promising myself that, from that moment on, I would always fight for me, for my happiness, for my beliefs, for my dreams. and that I would try to live every day as it was the very last.
one day, when you're a little bigger, I shall tell you all about this story. and maybe you can take inspiration from me, as I took from you. 

you are 6 years old today. you are a bright, happy, sharp girl and you filled us every day with pride for the big sister you're becoming.
would I like living closer to you and your brother? of course. but you know something, aunts and uncles are very different from before and I'm sure that, as you grow older, you will know that, even this far in distance, I will always be by your side when you need me. 

thank you for all that you've taught me to this day.
I wish you nothing shorter than a sparkling, bright, adventurous life, filled with discoveries and laughter. 
happy birthday, my sweet C.
later this year you're going to school already and in no time you'll be able to read all of this.

also, congratulations to my brother and his amazing wife for these last 6 years and thank you both for giving me the two greatest presents of all.