3 years and a whole life ahead

3 years and a whole life ahead

for me, marriage was nothing but an excuse to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a tacky wedding party, making guests also spend ridiculous amounts of money on crystal bowls or pancake makers.
above all else, it was a social convention on what a family should look like, imposed by a religion I’ve never been a part of.
marriage was not for me because true love can’t be measured in signed papers, public vows or a ring on the finger.

precisely when I was focused on making the most of my newly single life, carpe-diem style, you showed up in my life. like an unannounced thunder-storm, BAM. there you were.
you’ve changed my thoughts on love, even on self-love.
after so many songs, so many books, so many stories, it took you entering my life for me to finally understand Petrarca, Shakespeare, Tólstoi, Jane Austen, Gabriel García Marquéz.
years upon years watching BBC Wildlife every Saturday morning and only understanding how insects, birds, fish, mammals choose the perfect mate with you. a sort of magnetic force that makes you know, deep inside, that’s the one.
I admit I live totally convinced there were never two more perfect people for each other ever since.

oddly enough, after growing up believing the words husband and wife were just another way of saying ‘property’, I was the one proposing.
I realised I wanted to experience every possible thing with you, all that we were allowed to have. I wanted you and me to be a family in all senses and I wanted you to be my ‘guardian’ forever, in everyone's eyes and the law. most of all, I realised that marriage has the meaning we give it and that ours, has nothing to do with social or religious conventions.

3 years ago today we said ‘I do’ to each other and in the presence of all our people.
on that day there was no white dress, no church, no sumptuous venue, no high-heels, no banquets, nor a 5 tiers wedding cake.
there was instead a lot of friends, a lot of hugging, a lot of love, a lot of happy tears, flip-flops, beach, sun and sea, music, and a dancing party, just like we like it.
and yes, there were rings because I want to bring you along with me everywhere. 

you and me, we are a team.
we know that as long as we’re holding hands, we’re capable of everything.
we’ve faced hard tempests, we’ve changed countries, we’ve rebuilt our lives from scratch.
we laugh uncontrollably, we talk for endless hours, we share, we take care of each other, we protect, we parent, we respect each of our individualities, and almost every day we discover something new about each other. above all, we still believe that love is something one builds every single day, like a plant that needs water to survive.
you have given me a new life, a new family, a new me.

what a beautiful life, my dear.
happy anniversary.

[I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings by saying I don't like traditional wedding ceremonies. it's a model that just doesn't fit ME. that's all.]